Update of quazip-0.5.1 to quazip-0.6.2 fails

Kurt Jaeger lists at opsec.eu
Wed Mar 19 17:09:20 UTC 2014


> > > I am running 10.0-RELEASE and when trying to upgrade quazip-0.5.1 to
> > > quazip-0.6.2 after latest update of the ports tree I obtain the
> > > following error:

> > Please deinstall the old quazip before building the new port.

> thanks for your feedback. However, I am not sure, if I've got you
> right: Currently BUILDING of the new quazip version fails. How can
> deinstallation of the old version correct this behavior?

The build imports some definitions from old .h files or so ?

I saw the same problem, deinstalled the old version, build and
it worked. There are cases where ports have this kind of quirk.
Sometimes, it's documented in /usr/ports/UPDATING.

> And if I force uninstallion of the old version and if subsequently
> building of the new version should fail, I will be left with broken
> dependencies:

You are right, that might be a problem. You can handle it this way:

Create a package file:

pkg create quazip-0.5.1

It will create a quazip-0.5.1.txz in the working directory.

Then deinstall, and if the build fails, re-add the old pkg:

pkg add quazip-0.5.1.txz

> Thanks for doing so. I am rather new to FreeBSD and do not yet know,
> when there is time to directly contact a port maintainer. Until now I
> have first reported an issue to the forum or the mailing list. And in a
> second step I have informed the corresponding port maintainer. Is this
> the recommended way to proceed?

In general, informing the maintainer, probably generating a problem-report
(using the command send-pr) is the correct way.

In that special case


shows that the update was done after the maintainer failed to approve
the update. So in this particular case informing him might be

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