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Thu Mar 13 14:25:56 UTC 2014


My name is William Hanson and I run a business selling home and property security systems. Writing is as much a passion of mine as my business is and the two often cross paths. I have ghost written a number of articles and have been published in reputed journals. 

I am keen to feature a guest post on you blog as it would do wonders for my portfolio as a writer. I realized it was time I stopped ghost-writing for others and built an online reputation for myself. Here are a few ideas that I feel you will like:

1.	10 Reasons Why A Home Alarm System Is Imperative for Every House
2.	The Best Home Security Systems You Can Avail of in the Market Today
3.	A Look At the Various Uses of Security Technology
4.	Things About Home Automation You Possibly Didn’t Know
5.	A Few Safety Tips That Can Safeguard Your Home and Your Family
6.	Looking at the Advantages of Installing Home Security Cameras
7.	12 Tips to Protect Yourself Against Home Burglary
8.	A Look at How Home Automation Can Be Beneficial for the Elderly
9.	An in-depth Look at the Different Types of  Child Security
10.	Security Tips for First Time Home Buyers
11.	Important Fire Safety  Measures to take for your Home
12.	Home Safety Tips for New Parents

I am also open to any ideas or suggestions that you might have. Lastly, I am willing to part with $50 for your efforts in publishing my article, as I know it would be a sound investment.
I hope your reply is in the positive, so your readers get the opportunity to benefit from what I have to say. 


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