RedPorts and restricted distfiles

Rainer Hurling rhurlin at
Sun Mar 9 18:38:30 UTC 2014

Am 09.03.2014 18:54, schrieb Bernhard Fröhlich:
> Am 09.03.2014 18:33 schrieb "Rainer Hurling" <rhurlin at>:
>> I am trying to test an update of astro/xephem, which has a restricted
>> distfile.
>> I tried to svn commit the source file as
>> 'distfiles/xephem-3.7.6.tar.gz', but without luck.
>> The RedPorts script seem to expect the distfile at 'tmp/distfiles'. I
>> got this error message:
>> xephem-3.7.6 because of licensing restrictions, you must manually fetch
>> xephem-3.7.6.tar.gz from, place
>> it in /tmp/distfiles and then run make again.
>> Is there any way, one can test ports with restricted distfiles on
> RedPorts?
>> Any help is really appreciated.
>> Rainer Hurling
> The easiest way to test it is to remove/comment the restricted line and/or
> put the file on an additional temporary mirror. Tinderbox uses a distfile
> cache that is shared per machine so it's a bit complicated to inject
> distfiles there from your build.

I uploaded the distfile to my server and commented the restricted and
the ignore lines. It seems, that your suggestion works quite well!

Many thanks for the quick help,

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