unmaintained, expired, but probably working ports

René Ladan rene at freebsd.org
Sun Mar 9 09:14:25 UTC 2014


with my self-invented garbage collector hat on...

The following ports were marked deprecated and have now expired because
the distilator, a service which automatically looks for distribution
files, could not find any for them. The "main web site" link on
http://www.freshports.org/ still works for these ports, but the download
location has slightly changed.

These ports fetched fine via their website but "make fetch" had problems:
- databases/p5-hp200lx-db
- chinese/srecite

These ports need a version and a download location update:
- audio/teamspeak_server
- cad/tochnog
- games/utserver
- biology/ssaha
- games/hlstats
- devel/cross-gdb
- benchmarks/xdd
- emulators/xmame
- emulators/xmess
- emulators/pyxmame
- emulators/gxmame

So if anyone cares about them, feel free to send a PR. Otherwise it is
probably fair game to remove them in a month.


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