The Red language project, building the world's first full-stack programming language for FreeBSD.

Arnold arnoldvanh at
Fri Mar 7 20:42:49 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Allow me a few moments of your free time.
I'll try to keep it short, though I find that hard if I'm talking about
this project .

I am involved in an open source project that aims to create the World's
first full-stack programming language.
It is the language Red, site. Red is based on the
language Rebol ( ).
The Red language project has been started to address some of the
disadvantages of Rebol, the
most important ones of those being Rebol not open source at the time, it is
interpreted and development had reached an impasse.

So what exactly is a full-stack programming language?
It is a programming language that you can use at all levels of programming.
So from systemdrivers to applications and much more, as we say "from the
metal to the meta".
Furthermore, it is possible to go from each platform on which it works to
generate executables for all other platforms. And that
only with the aid of a very small executable of about 1 MB, without any
dependency on GCC
or any other toolchain whatsoever. At this time, much of what I describe
here ia all possible
for Windows, Linux and OS X. Furthermore, it is already possible to
generate executables for Syllable ( OS ) Android and ARM (including
Raspberry Pi )

(If I 'm not mistaken, you can already develop in Red on FreeBSD and create
executables for the other environments because there is a Rebol executable
for FreeBSD. )

This post is to bring the project to the attention of FreeBSD programmers
to offer
another fun project to work on. Why don't we do it ourselves? That is
because the core developers of Red have not enough
FreeBSD system knowlegde on board to realize Red for FreeBSD soon, we
figure that programmers hanging out here can do a better job at that too.

What are the advantages of the FreeBSD project to have the Red language
available fully on FreeBSD?
Developers on other platforms can compile programs for FreeBSD. (They will
have to test their program on FreeBSD and install FreeBSD ).
FreeBSD becomes a more valueable alternative to other OS'es as well as
software programmers can develop programs for
other platforms through Red.

>From the Red and Rebol community there is always a lot of support for new
Please visit us.

You can reply to this mail or via the links on the site or on
stackoverflow (you need 20 points to talk there, but those are not really
hard to get.) at

Thank you for your attention.

Kind regards,


P.S. If you think this was not the appropriate place to post this message
please let me know too, preferrably pointing out the best place to find
FreeBSD programmers that would be able to help the Red project.

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