ports/182985 maintainer timeout

Mark Felder feld at FreeBSD.org
Thu Mar 6 23:07:49 UTC 2014

Hi Darren,

I'm trying to understand exactly what we're looking at here. Is the problem: 

"nginx always builds against OpenSSL in base (for FreeBSD 10+?)" ? 

If so, that's correct; it should not build against OpenSSL from ports just because the version from ports happens to be installed. It should, however, install against the version from ports if that option is selected. If there is not an option to do so we should add one.

If an option exists to build against OpenSSL from ports and it still builds against the version in base, we definitely have a problem.

Nginx is a pretty important port so I just want to make sure we understand the full scope of the problem so a committer can test before making a commit.

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