Issues with Poudriere builing packages depending on Perl

nano nanotek at
Wed Mar 5 03:44:11 UTC 2014

Disable the FreeBSD repo.

Adam McDougall <mcdouga9 at> wrote:
>On 03/03/2014 07:44, Big Lebowski wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to build bunch on packages in Poudriere on 10-R for 10-R
>> 9.2-R. The packages are building fine, but for some reason at least
>one of
>> them builds with two different perl versions, 5.16 and 5.18. I would
>> to get all my packages built with 5.18, so in my make.conf for
>> jails I've the following:
>> WITHOUT_X11=yes
>> WITHOUT_X=yes
>> PERL_PORT=perl5.18
>> DEFAULT_VERSIONS= perl5=5.18
>> However, when trying to install it, I am getting the following
>> root at machine:~ # pkg install nrpe
>> Updating repository catalogue
>> The following 4 packages will be installed:
>>         Installing perl5: 5.16.3_7 [FreeBSD]
>>         Installing perl5.18: 5.18.2_1 [FreeBSD]
>>         Installing nagios-plugins: 1.5_1,1 [localrepo]
>>         Installing nrpe: 2.15 [localrepo]
>> The installation will require 97 MB more space
>> and then the installation of course fails due to the perl dependency
>> config. Has anyone a clue how to untangle that Poudriere/Perl mess?
>> Also, any advices on the make.conf settings to absolutely avoid
>> related to x11/examples/docs?
>> Thanks in advance!
>You can run poudriere bulk -vv and it will show the dependency tree.
>However since there are only two packages listed above that aren't
>I would inspect each port manually to see if you can find out why it is
>trying to pull in a non-default version.  You could even try installing
>just nagios-plugins and see which perl it tries to pull in.
>I only use:
>DEFAULT_VERSIONS=       perl5=5.16
>in my poudriere make.conf and everything uses 5.16, including nrpe and
>For the x11/examples/docs I am guessing something like:
>however many things like to pull in X11 anyway and it will probably
>a lot of work.
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