amavis[12345]: (12345-02) (!)file utility failed: exit 1

Michael Grimm trashcan at
Mon Mar 3 16:39:25 UTC 2014

Hi --

I'd like to come back on an issue reported last October (see thread ending in

amavisd-new requires sysutils/file which throws an error like ...

| test> /usr/local/bin/file ascii.txt
| ascii.txt: ERROR: line 163: regex error 17, (illegal byte sequence)

... whereas the system file utility acts as expected:

| test> /usr/bin/file ascii.txt
| ascii.txt: ASCII text

I did notice it for the first time with file-5.15. Today I did upgrade to file-5.17, and I do still see that error.

According the message obove (see link) that bug should have been fixed already, correct or am I mistaken?

Thanks and with kind regards,

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