Questions about staging

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Mon Jan 27 15:46:41 UTC 2014

On 01/27/14 14:51, Montgomery-Smith, Stephen wrote:
> So it would only be necessary to do this if you want to set ownership
> to anything other than root:wheel, since the pkg install program
> should automatically set things to root:wheel anyway?  (Because things
> installed the usual "make install" way will be set similarly?)

Yes, absolutely.  Files will be installed with ownership by root:wheel
by default, unless there are post-install script actions (ie. generally
derived from @user / @group settings in pkg-plist) irrespective of what
ownership they have in staging.  There is a 'NEED_ROOT' compatibility
thing but that's not ideal, and I believe the plan is ultimately to do
away with it as part of the switch over to staging.

> And presumably the same for chmod - it would only be necessary when
> setting things like setuid or setgid bits, since otherwise it will
> merely copy permissions from whatever the file in the tarball has?

Yes -- exactly.  Anything involving chown / chgrp / chmod that requires
root level privileges should be done this way.



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