FreeBSD Port: openocd-0.7.0

Barry Tigner tigner at
Mon Jan 27 15:01:30 UTC 2014


Re: openocd on freebsd 9.2 amd64.

I am trying to use a ftdi c232hm-edhsl-0 usb to jtag-spi
adapter to communicate with a device that communicates 
via spi.

I have been able to get openocd running , but I am confused
on how to send data via spi. I may be setting the options
incorrectly, or perhaps openocd does not support spi, I am
not certain either way.

I tried looking for support on openocd, with no success.

I hope that you can point me in the direction I need to
go .

I am simply trying to use a usb-spi adapter to talk to a
spectrum analyzer signal to get the data from it. It normally
talks directly to an embedded control system via spi. If I
can talk directly to it , I can verify that it is working 
properly .

Again, any help you can give me is appreciated.

Barry Tigner

Barry Tigner
MSU PA Electronics Design and Service Ctr.
1230 BioMedical Physical Sciences
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