What is the problem with ports PR reaction delays?

Alfred Perlstein alfred at freebsd.org
Mon Jan 27 03:00:51 UTC 2014

On 1/26/14, 6:43 PM, Aryeh Friedman wrote:
> )
>> If aegis is so much better then we should use it.  Or everyone should use
>> it... but why isn't everyone using it?
> Simple reason Peter Miller (the author of aegis/cook) for whatever reason
> *NEVER* tried to market his stuff while GIT made a specific effort of
> attempting to get outside users.   Peter (like most FOSS authors) wrote it
> first and formost for himself and never say any need for others to use it
> per se.   It would take too long to summarize all the differences (I have
> already stated the major ones in the thread though).  If your really
> interested take a look at the material at aegis.sf.net.
>> Can you explain?
>> Seriously, if it's so much better then please do tell!
> The #1 reason (above all else IMO) is it doesn't rely (directly or
> indirectly) on any third party for it's basic operation (which github does
> unless the foundation wanted to duplicate which is a waste of time).  The
> other main reason it works with existing tools where from what you describe
> GitHub requires you install something (by working I mean you can look at
> the baseline without any special tools)
> Finally since your addicted to newness you will not get the most important
> difference aegis has been in production for over 20 years where git hub 5
> or 6?
I'm not addicted to newness.  I think you just hate anything that is 
popular and you're butthurt that something that's may have been ahead of 
it's time was missed out on.  This is no reason to dig your heels in and 
complain as that accomplishes nothing.

What I am interested in is:

1) leveraging the hordes of people that can submit changes to the 
project because they know git.
2) leveraging the existing tooling that's available for FREE!!! for us 
to use. (instead of rewriting wheels).
3) reducing the overhead of contribution to our project by using 
existing solutions and not requiring accounts to be made.

So what would using this aegis system buy us?

1) Supposedly DVCS.

Now that is interesting!!!

In my list there is no mention of DVCS!  There is just the resulting 
benefits that Aegis doesn't have.

1) doesn't have hordes of people that know how to use it.
2) doesn't have a free hosting solution for it which provides tooling we 
need for free.

It's not about NEW THINGS, although NEW THINGS tend to lead to better 
systems... it's more about leveraging users and existing facilities.

Anyhow, it's not important, you want your toy, even though no one uses 
it.  Enjoy it. :)

If you want to be part of an "exclusive club" that only uses esoteric 
tools and home-built Rube Goldberg scripts to accomplish what people are 
doing with modern tools in less than half the time.... and in the same 
conversation be annoyed that there's a lack of people signing up to work 
under those conditions then you need to take a deep breath and look in 
the mirror.

When your toy has a huge community that fulfills the requirements that I 
have I'll check it out.  When switching to Aegis gets FreeBSD the same 
benefits of the github community and "millions of code monkeys" I'll be 
cheering for it.

But right now here's what I think of a "better tool" that no one uses:  


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