What is the problem with ports PR reaction delays?

Gary J. Hayers gary at hayers.org
Sun Jan 26 13:35:44 UTC 2014

On 26/01/2014 13:32, Big Lebowski wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 2:29 PM, Gary J. Hayers <gary at hayers.org> wrote:
>>Suspect this would work, however, the more committers the less the quality
>> of work?
> Is there any evidence to support that argument? Or is it just a fear of
> that? At any point if that happens, then this can be revoked, the selection
> can be tighter, things can be adjusted, nothing is written in stone. Also,
> people were mentioning existing commiters to be sloppy and problematic,
> we've months of waiting for PR's to be taken care of, and there are still
> ports accepted that dont work at all - is that this work quality we're so
> troubled for?
> B.

That's a fear admittedly, but your solution would take care of that, 
would that also mean a bigger portmgr team too?


Gary J. Hayers
gary at hayers.org

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