What is the problem with ports PR reaction delays?

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at freebsd.org
Sat Jan 25 19:38:16 UTC 2014

On Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 11:06:33AM -0800, Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> On 1/25/14 10:59 AM, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
> > On Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 10:41:22AM -0800, Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> >> On 1/25/14 10:32 AM, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
> >>> On Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 10:27:21AM -0800, Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> >>>> On 1/25/14 10:04 AM, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
> >>>>> On Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 09:36:00AM -0800, Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> >>>>>> On 1/25/14, 9:28 AM, John Marino wrote:
> >>>>>>> On 1/25/2014 18:11, Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> >>>>>>>> Still missing the point.  Git can sit on top of svn.
> >>>>>>>>
> >>>>>>> Other than converting SVN to Git, I don't know anything about that.  It
> >>>>>>> would never be done in an official capacity.  Git is not an official
> >>>>>>> tool of FreeBSD.
> >>>>>>>
> >>>>>> I encourage you to educate yourself then and then review the suggestions
> >>>>>> I gave.
> >>>>> I encourage you to give a shot at what you are suggesting. git-svn is broken for
> >>>>> committers as long as it doesn't properly handle properties.
> >>>> Or maybe our requirement for props is broken?
> >>>>
> >>>> Is $FreeBSD$ *that* important?
> >>>>
> >>>> -Alfred
> >>> There is not only $Freebsd$ but also other props.
> >> mergeinfo?
> >>
> >> I'm wondering because there's huge projects out there not tied down to
> >> svn.  It seems to be a problem of our own invention.
> >>
> >> Having managed the FreeNAS project for a year and exclusively using git
> >> we found ZERO use for any svn props.  We just used git and put all the
> >> cruft behind us.
> >>
> >> And we were glad for it!
> >>
> >> -Alfred
> > svn props are used by and for svn, sure if you are not in a svn world you do not
> > need the props, see the autoprops set on the repo for more details,
> >
> > honnestly I do not care the vcs we use, right now it is svn so what ever is
> > going to be use on top of it it should be svn compliant and svn needs and uses
> > the properties.
> >
> > regards,
> > Bapt
> Or you just rip the band aid off and flag day your way into the future.
What do you mean, switching to git? so you are volunteering to handle a switch?

That includes way more than converting the tree you know, that includes
converting all the tools we have out there to be able to use git, and there are
more than you can imagine.

That include teaching it to all our developers and given how much git can become
complex, good luck with that.

That include defining a proper workflow so that we do not fuck up with history

That include writing tons of pre-push hooks to make sure we do not shout ourself
in the foot, which git allows you to do (on pkgng I had tons of case it was hard
to figure out how to fix, and for some we just moved away and gave up on fixing)

We just recovered from cvs->svn switch I think noone at all is willing to do the
job again.

Git has lots of drawbacks and if badly handled with all the above, it will be a
real nightmare.

and That is said from someone who likes git (except that the UI can get

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