FreeBSD Port: pecl-svn-1.0.2

Sossi Andrej asossi at
Tue Jan 21 13:55:42 UTC 2014

I have installed a new web server into the jail virtual machine. When I 
try to use the function svn_ls this cause a Segmentation fault. At first 
time I have used apache httpd24 and php55. For test I have deinstalled 
php55 and pecl-svn then I have reinstalled php53 and I have (recompiled 
and) reinstalled pecl.svn. This update to old version of PHP not resolve 
problem. Last test I have try to use version 1.0.1 of pecl-svn. Also 
this test not resolve the problem.

Version of operating system: FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE amd64

Error in Apache httpd log:
[Tue Jan 21 11:34:01.856107 2014] [core:notice] [pid 91862] AH00052: 
child pid 93561 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
(one line for each http request)

List of installed package in attachment.

On an old server (FreeBSD7.2) this software works without problem.

Thanks for your help.

Cordiali saluti
Sossi Andrej
DOTCOM Information technology

Via Trento, 16
34132 - Trieste (TS)

tel: +39 040 9828090
fax: +39 040 0641954
E-mail: asossi at

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apache24-2.4.6_1    Version 2.4.x of Apache web server
apr-     Apache Portability Library
autoconf-2.69       Automatically configure source code on many Un*x platforms
autoconf-wrapper-20131203 Wrapper script for GNU autoconf
bigreqsproto-1.1.2  BigReqs extension headers
ca_root_nss- The root certificate bundle from the Mozilla Project
cmake-      Cross-platform Makefile generator
cmake-modules- Modules and Templates for CMake
curl-7.33.0_2       Non-interactive tool to get files from FTP, GOPHER, HTTP(S)
db42-4.2.52_5       The Berkeley DB package, revision 4.2
dialog4ports-0.1.5_2 Console Interface to configure ports
expat-2.1.0         XML 1.0 parser written in C
freetype2-2.5.2     Free and portable TrueType font rendering engine
gdbm-1.11           GNU database manager
gettext-    GNU gettext package
gmake-3.82_1        GNU version of 'make' utility
help2man-1.43.3_1   Automatically generating simple manual pages from program o
inputproto-2.3      Input extension headers
jpeg-8_4            IJG's jpeg compression utilities
kbproto-1.0.6       KB extension headers
libICE-1.0.8,1      Inter Client Exchange library for X11
libSM-1.2.2,1       Session Management library for X11
libX11-1.6.2,1      X11 library
libXau-1.0.8        Authentication Protocol library for X11
libXdmcp-1.1.1      X Display Manager Control Protocol library
libXext-1.3.2,1     X11 Extension library
libXpm-3.5.11       X Pixmap library
libXt-1.1.4,1       X Toolkit library
libcheck-0.9.11     Unit test framework for C
libgcrypt-1.5.3     General purpose crypto library based on code used in GnuPG
libgpg-error-1.12   Common error values for all GnuPG components
libiconv-1.14_1     A character set conversion library
libltdl-2.4.2_2     System independent dlopen wrapper
libmcrypt-2.5.8     Multi-cipher cryptographic library (used in PHP)
libpthread-stubs-0.3_4 This library provides weak aliases for pthread functions
libtool-2.4.2_2     Generic shared library support script
libxcb-1.9.3        The X protocol C-language Binding (XCB) library
libxml2-2.8.0_3     XML parser library for GNOME
libxslt-1.1.28_1    The XSLT C library for GNOME
m4-1.4.17,1         GNU m4
mysql56-client-5.6.15 Multithreaded SQL database (client)
neon29-0.29.6_4     An HTTP and WebDAV client library for Unix systems
oniguruma4-4.7.1    BSDL Regular Expressions library compatible with POSIX/GNU/
openldap-client-2.4.38 Open source LDAP client implementation
p5-Locale-gettext-1.05_3 Message handling functions
pcre-8.33           Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library
pdflib-7.0.5_2      A C library for dynamically generating PDF
pecl-pdflib-2.1.10  A PECL extension to create PDF on the fly
pecl-svn-1.0.1      A PECL extension to the libsvn library
perl5-5.16.3_6      Practical Extraction and Report Language
php53-5.3.28        PHP Scripting Language
php53-bz2-5.3.28    The bz2 shared extension for php
php53-ctype-5.3.28  The ctype shared extension for php
php53-curl-5.3.28   The curl shared extension for php
php53-dom-5.3.28    The dom shared extension for php
php53-extensions-1.6 A "meta-port" to install PHP extensions
php53-filter-5.3.28 The filter shared extension for php
php53-gd-5.3.28     The gd shared extension for php
php53-gettext-5.3.28 The gettext shared extension for php
php53-hash-5.3.28   The hash shared extension for php
php53-iconv-5.3.28  The iconv shared extension for php
php53-json-5.3.28   The json shared extension for php
php53-ldap-5.3.28   The ldap shared extension for php
php53-mbstring-5.3.28 The mbstring shared extension for php
php53-mcrypt-5.3.28 The mcrypt shared extension for php
php53-mysql-5.3.28  The mysql shared extension for php
php53-mysqli-5.3.28 The mysqli shared extension for php
php53-openssl-5.3.28 The openssl shared extension for php
php53-pdo-5.3.28    The pdo shared extension for php
php53-pdo_mysql-5.3.28 The pdo_mysql shared extension for php
php53-pdo_pgsql-5.3.28 The pdo_pgsql shared extension for php
php53-pdo_sqlite-5.3.28 The pdo_sqlite shared extension for php
php53-pgsql-5.3.28  The pgsql shared extension for php
php53-phar-5.3.28   The phar shared extension for php
php53-posix-5.3.28  The posix shared extension for php
php53-session-5.3.28 The session shared extension for php
php53-simplexml-5.3.28 The simplexml shared extension for php
php53-soap-5.3.28   The soap shared extension for php
php53-sqlite3-5.3.28 The sqlite3 shared extension for php
php53-tokenizer-5.3.28 The tokenizer shared extension for php
php53-xml-5.3.28    The xml shared extension for php
php53-xmlreader-5.3.28 The xmlreader shared extension for php
php53-xmlwriter-5.3.28 The xmlwriter shared extension for php
php53-zip-5.3.28    The zip shared extension for php
php53-zlib-5.3.28   The zlib shared extension for php
phpMyAdmin-4.1.4    A set of PHP-scripts to manage MySQL over the web
phpldapadmin-1.2.3_2,1 PHP application to administer LDAP over the web
phppgadmin-5.1      Web Based Postgres Administration
pkgconf-0.9.4       Utility to help to configure compiler and linker flags
png-1.5.17          Library for manipulating PNG images
postgresql93-client-9.3.2 PostgreSQL database (client)
python27-2.7.6_1    Interpreted object-oriented programming language
rsync-3.1.0_1       Network file distribution/synchronization utility
sqlite3-3.8.2       SQL database engine in a C library
subversion-1.6.23_2 Version control system
t1lib-5.1.2_2,1     Type 1 font rasterization library for Unix/X11
xcb-proto-1.9       The X protocol C-language Binding (XCB) protocol
xcmiscproto-1.2.2   XCMisc extension headers
xextproto-7.2.1     XExt extension headers
xf86bigfontproto-1.2.0 XFree86-Bigfont extension headers
xorg-macros-1.18.0  X.Org development aclocal macros
xproto-7.0.25       X11 protocol headers
xtrans-1.3.2        Abstract network code for X

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