FreeBSD Port: puppet-3.4.2_2

Paweł Tomulik ptomulik at
Sun Jan 19 14:17:18 UTC 2014


I was working a little bit with puppet sources and wrote few modules for 
it. At some point I started wondering why do you patch certain 
freebsd-specific parts of puppet by your own instead of create pull 
request to upstream ( I mainly 
think about providers, for example: 
Is there any reason for this? I have a master-slave setup, master is 
Debian, slave is FreeBSD, they have installed same version of puppet and 
I see difference in provider's code. It's quite strange IMHO.

Perhaps you  know that puppetlabs developers think about separating 
providers (and maybe few other pieces of code) from core, and they wish 
to turn them into independent modules:!topic/puppet-dev/4y9ZvbbkKBs. Perhaps 
it's good point to have some of your patches applied to upstream project 
before they start this tiering process? I mean, the modules that are 
currently in puppet core may be subject to some pluginsync mechanism in 
the future and your patches may be then overwritten at runtime by the 
pluginsync mechanism.


Pawel Tomulik

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