clonehdd followup

Warren Block wblock at
Sat Jan 18 02:36:27 UTC 2014

On Fri, 17 Jan 2014, paul beard wrote:

> Grr. The return key should not be the same as Send.
> I had some problems with clonehdd that turned out to be hardware issued: my
> disks has somehow defaulted to PIO4 from UDMA which made this process run
> so slow it would just quit with finishing.
> Now things are more what I expect, completing a clone of my root disk in
> 524 minutes, down from multiple days?
> But it still seems slow if the disks are 1.5Gb/sec SATA disks. Looking
> around, it looks like this might be useful to speed things up.

How?  The partitioning scheme does not make any serious difference to 
transfer rates.  That's much more affected by the filesystem, but even 
there the limits are usually due to drive and controller hardware.

One thing the partitioning scheme can affect is alignment.  In your 
other mail, this was shown to be a 500G drive, which is almost certainly 
not using 4K blocks, and so alignment is not a problem.

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