postgis-legacy removal

René Ladan rene at
Fri Jan 17 10:56:59 UTC 2014

2014/1/17 Andrea Venturoli <ml at>:
> Hello.
> Today I found database/postgis (previously at version 1.5.3) was removed:
> this is no surprise, since the port was deprecated long ago.
> However, there's PR/174764 with a patch to upgrade it to 1.5.8, so I'm
> wondering: was removing this really the best option?

I use a tool ports/Tools/scripts/rmport to remove expired ports which checks the
PR database when removing a port but somehow this PR did not show up.

If I understand correctly, it executes 'query-pr -qx -y databases
postgis' on freefall
and this does not include closed PRs.

> Also consider 2.x is not source code compatible: application written for 1.x
> need rewriting.
One port, graphics/tinyows, depended on this and has been updated to work with
postgis21.  But that does indeed exclude software not in the Ports Tree.


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