FreeBSD 10.0-RC4 pkg upgrade QT conflict

CeDeROM cederom at
Thu Jan 16 16:41:26 UTC 2014

Hello and thank you for all suggestions :-)

What I mean is that PKG seems to be missing some "good" mechanism for
such conflict solution... and this situation WILL happen as users will
want to rebuild custom options of packages from a different port tree.

I have compiled by hand hpijs with network backend as my HP use
JetDirect and this is disabled by default. Because I have compiled a
port with WITH_PKGNG I assumed that PKG will be engaged and take care
of proper dependency management or refuse to install as this would
break binary dependencies tree. I was wrong.

I also assumed that PKG will manage to handle port renames, dependency
changes, etc. I was wrong.

+1 for PKG to be able to handle such situations either by simply
forcing to set port tree to version that would allow safe build (bad
for new ports, simple solution), or calculate dependencies so they
won't break current binary tree when newer ports are installed (good
for new ports, complex work for pkg) :-)

Long story short - there should be no conflict situation when I
install updated port build by hand :-)

Best regards :-)


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