Qpopper Port

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at bellsouth.net
Thu Jan 16 04:21:36 UTC 2014

> I am going to have to give up maintaining qpopper.  Not because I don't have the interest or time, but because I simply cannot update any port.  The old
> port system may have had issues, but it worked!!!  The new one does not.  I am completely unable to upgrade or install any ports on a 9.1 or higher system.
> I have a number of those in production and will have to now resort to obtaining ports from the original sources and making them work on my systems.  Its a
> colossal pain in the *&^*&^.
> I tried portmaster qpopper to get the latest source.  That failed with lots of errors in other ports.  Too many to try to do individually.  I then used
> pkg_delete to delete all ports.  Repeated portmaster qpopper.  Portmaster no longer exists.  Tried pkg_add -r portmaster.  Message to setsomething in
> /etc/make.conf.  Did that and then tried to run pkg2ng as it requested.  pkg2ng does not exist.  Its not a port either.  Dead end.  Went to
> /usr/ports/port-mgmt/portmaster and did a make.  Get errors that file names are misspelled.
> Perhaps the new port system can be used by those who spend their day using it, but for those of us who have real work to do and only use it when needed, its
> just not viable.

I was able to build ports and upgrade with portmaster on FreeBSD 9.1 and 9.2-STABLE, and more recently, 10.0 prerelease and 11-HEAD.

With 10.0 prerelease and 11-HEAD, I haven't got very far yet, not because of failures, but newness and maintaining four installations: 10.0 prerelease and 11-HEAD for both amd64 and i386.  But I was able to use portmaster successfully.


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