Qpopper Port

Montgomery-Smith, Stephen stephen at missouri.edu
Thu Jan 16 00:52:55 UTC 2014

On 01/15/2014 06:08 PM, Doug Hardie wrote:
> I am going to have to give up maintaining qpopper.  Not because I don't have the interest or time, but because I simply cannot update any port.  The old port system may have had issues, but it worked!!!  The new one does not.  I am completely unable to upgrade or install any ports on a 9.1 or higher system.  I have a number of those in production and will have to now resort to obtaining ports from the original sources and making them work on my systems.  Its a colossal pain in the *&^*&^.

Call me old fashioned.  But I am still using FreeBSD-8 with the old
ports system.  I also never got into the idea of using portmaster or any
of those fancy tools, and still use pkg_version and pkg_delete and "cd
/usr/ports/xxx/yyy && make install clean" to maintain my ports.

I did install FreeBSD-10 on one computer recently, but I am experiencing
the same problems with the ports I am maintaining - I cannot build many
of them because dependent ports are breaking.

Also, I get periodic emails from pkg-fallout at FreeBSD.org explaining how
one or other of my ports don't build properly.  Some of the error
messages are clearly problems with switching from gcc to clang, and are
easily fixed.  But some of the other problems seem to be problems with
FreeBSD-10 itself (especially /usr/bin/ld), or problems with pkgng.

I do hope EOL for FreeBSD-8 is still some length of time away.  If I had
to upgrade today, it would create difficulties for me.

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