USE_PYTHON version range no longer valid?

Marcus von Appen mva at
Wed Jan 15 20:36:56 UTC 2014

On, Wed Jan 15, 2014, Mike Brown wrote:

> A port I maintain (sorta) can only be built under Python 2.2.1 through 2.4.x.
> The app isn't being developed any longer, so patches to get it to build under
> 2.5+ aren't likely to be forthcoming.
> The port Makefile previously had USE_PYTHON= 2.2-2.4, but it was changed this
> week to simply USE_PYTHON=2, with this comment:
>   Python cleanup:
>   - USE_PYTHON* = 2.X -> USE_PYTHON* = 2
>   - USE_PYTHON* = 2.X+ -> USE_PYTHON* = yes
>   Reviewed by:	python (mva, rm)
>   Approved by:	portmgr-lurkers (mat)
> By removing 2.4 as the maximum version, there are inevitable build errors for
> this app.
> Reverting to USE_PYTHON= 2.2-2.4 results in 'make' failing with this:
> ===>  py27-4suite-1.0.b1_1 needs an unsupported version of Python.

> I'm fine with that, although I'm unsure what the ramifications are of Python
> 2.4 being unsupported. Do people have the option of installing Python 2.4.6
> and using it with this port, or do we need to decommission the port?

Python 2.4 was removed from the tree ages ago and none of us noticed that this
port would be affected by that. Sorry - it should have vanished with the
removal of Python 2.4.

I'll set a deprecation message along with the expiration date to the
1st of February. It will be removed from the tree after that date.

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