cpuminer mines only on one core regardless of "--threads" option

Alexander ags18 at yandex.ru
Tue Jan 14 13:02:01 UTC 2014


on Freebsd 9.2 x64 on 5 different PCs I installed net-p2p/cpuminer from ports and by "pkg install" - result is the same - minerd mines only on one core regardless of "--threads" option.

If I start with "--threads" < 1 for example "--threads=3" - minerd start 3 threads BUT in ONE core - so in "top" it looks like 100% on 4-core CPU (but it must be about 300%).

Without "--threads" option minerd determines 4-core CPU and start 4 threads in ONE core (4 x 2,5 khash/s, but with "--threads=1" speed is 1 x 10 khash/s, so with "--threads=4" it must be 4 x 10 khash/s)

On Linux and Windows on my other PCs all works as expected.

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