clonehdd seems to hang.

paul beard paulbeard at
Sat Jan 11 20:15:05 UTC 2014

I have been running this on a weekly basis for a while just to make sure I
don't get caught out if a disk fails. For a few weeks now, it seems to run
without completing.

Here's where it seems to be right now.

74824 root             1 119    0  3300K  1336K RUN     0  19.9H 100.00%

I rotate between two disks on a weekly basis, as well. I added a second one
to test if the disk I have been using is having trouble. But neither seems
to be working.

I'm also a little puzzled it would be cloning /tmp but not /etc if it's
intended to yield a bootable clone drive.

There doesn't seem to be a debug or verbose mode that tell me where it's
having trouble.

Paul Beard /

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