FreeBSD 10.0-RC5 AMD64 pkg upgrade fail by gcc/gcc46

Adam McDougall mcdouga9 at
Fri Jan 10 15:25:15 UTC 2014

On 01/10/2014 10:02, CeDeROM wrote:
> # uname -a
> FreeBSD hexagon 10.0-RC5 FreeBSD 10.0-RC5 #0 r260430: Wed Jan  8
> 05:10:04 UTC 2014
> root at  amd64
> # pkg delete -f gcc46
> ...
> # pkg upgrade
> Updating repository catalogue
> Upgrades have been requested for the following 347 packages:
> Reinstalling pdftk-2.02 (direct dependency changed)

> Conflict found on path /usr/local/info/gcc46/dir between
> gcc-4.6.4(lang/gcc) and gcc46-4.6.4_1,1(lang/gcc46)
> (...)

Try temporarily removing pdftk since I know it brings in one of the gcc
versions and see if your pkg upgrade finishes.  If it does, try removing
(without -f) the gcc that got installed and pkg will reveal one or more
other packages that caused gcc to install.  The problem is the new set
of packages that your upgrade brings in contains packages that have a
gcc 4.6 dependency but sourced from two different ports which conflict.
 Changes in ports will probably be needed to resolve this properly,
unless you can do without one of them.  As a local, temporary workaround
(hack), you could probably use pkg set -o with the proper arguments to
remap dependencies from one gcc 4.6 to the other so you only need one.

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