converters/php5-iconv behaves incorrectly on 10

Michael Gmelin freebsd at
Fri Jan 10 00:48:30 UTC 2014

Please also see PR 184596 [1] for details and an example.

This is caused by the switch to base iconv. PHP's iconv function
depends on the underlying iconv implementation to behave like GNU iconv
and guarantees this behavior in its documentation [2].

Besides the fact that this is really bad for those affected by it,
there is also no entry in UPDATING warning about it.

@bapt: I Cc'ed you because I was wondering if there is any concept of
"use converters/iconv instead of base iconv" in the ports tree - some
kind of override, either on a per port basis (so it could be the
default for php5-iconv) or configurable by users. Afaik all the iconv
functions are part of libc in FreeBSD 10.


Michael Gmelin

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