FreeBSD Port: zabbix2-server-2.0.10

Jeremy Cayrasso jeremy.cayrasso at
Wed Jan 8 15:12:20 UTC 2014



I did a portupgrade, all ports are up to date.


In fact, jabber and web monitoring crash the zabbix server :


If I set a jabber address like zabbix at domain.local, on the first jabber alert, zabbix crash.


If I activate web monitoring, zabbix crash.


Both with the same error : Got signal [signal:11(SIGSEGV),reason:1,refaddr:0x17]. Crashing ...


I tried to import my zabbix database on a fresh vm install with zabbix 2.0.10 and freebsd 9.2, same crash happened.


It seems that the last iksemel break jabber :


Any idea / solution ?






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I think you should update snmp.

17.12.2013 19:25, Jeremy Cayrasso пишет:



Since I’ve updated my zabbix port on freebsd 9.1 i386, I’m unable to start the zabbix server.


If I edit the Makefile ,remove this line and compile again : 


CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --with-net-snmp


I’m able to start the zabbix server.


I attached build log and zabbix-server log.


Any idea ?











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