calling Maintainer timeout

Christoph Moench-Tegeder cmt at
Mon Jan 6 17:04:29 UTC 2014


I'd like to call for maintainer timeout on some PRs I filed.
These PRs are part of the preparations for upgrading lang/gcc to gcc 4.7,
which I'm helping gerald@ with.
All PRs were filed on 2013-12-07 (and most of that batch have already
been comitted), but to move things forward - these are the open PRs:

ports/184565 cad/meshlab : fix build with GCC 4.7, unbreak
ports/184571 math/abacus : fix build with gcc47
ports/184574 lang/ratfor : fix build with gcc47
ports/184575 textproc/ctpp2 : fix build with gcc47


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