New port: net-p2p/namecoin

Chad J. Milios milios at
Sun Jan 5 04:48:59 UTC 2014

I submitted a working port for namecoin-qt and namecoind. Please try it and share any feedback/improvements you have. Let me know how you use it and with what options, please. More info is in the PR and the .shar attached there contains namecoin and namecoin-daemon.

Thanks everyone.

By the way: namecoin is going to the moon this year. :)

If anyone feels like sending a tip I'll use it to keep making FreeBSD even better! (code and/or coin) :) More work needs to be done yet to hook namecoin into resolv.conf and/or your local caching resolver. I'm also planning to make nice rc.d scripts for all the [foo]coin-daemon ports soon so they might behave like actual services should! Any discussion welcomed.
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