how to install ruby18

Marco Beishuizen mbeis at
Sat Jan 4 14:38:32 UTC 2014

On Sat, 4 Jan 2014, the wise John Marino wrote:

> Are you sure about your statement, "portupgrade doesn't work with 
> default ruby19"?
> It seems to build fine for us:
> It also builds fine on FreeBSD:
> Also, portsmon is clean:
> It appears your problem is local, not global.
> (And no, you can't easily install ruby18 again)

Portupgrade builds fine, but I have my locale set to UTF-8 and in that 
case the pkgdb breaks and portupgrade no longer works:

root at yokozuna:/home/marco# pkgdb -FfO
--->  Checking the package registry database
invalid byte sequence in UTF-8

When the locale is set to the standard C the error changes to "invalid 
byte sequence in US-ASCII".

I have this error for a very long time and after a lot of searching 
and fiddling with the locale settings have no idea how to solve this.

Ruby18 worked fine so that would be the best option imo.



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