sysutils/lsof and defining _KERNEL

Larry Rosenman ler at
Fri Feb 28 21:00:51 UTC 2014

On 2014-02-28 14:57, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Larry Rosenman <ler at> writes:
>> On 2014-02-28 14:48, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
>>> Larry Rosenman <ler at> writes:
>>>> On 2014-02-28 14:34, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
>>>>> I'm having trouble building lsof, because it's defining _KERNEL to
>>>>> pull
>>>>> in ZFS structures, and then tries to find opt_kdtrace.h, which 
>>>>> isn't
>>>>> really relevant. I suspect I've messed up something in my system
>>>>> somehow, but I've been banging my head against this for hours over
>>>>> the
>>>>> last few days, and I can't figure out what's going on.
>>>>> Any clues?
>>>> what release of FreeBSD?  What svn rev of the Ports Tree?
>>>> and have you done a buildworld/buildkernel,
>>>> installworld/installkernel?
>>>> I've successfully built lsof on 10 and 11 recently from current
>>>> sources.
>>> RELENG_9. Latest for both OS and ports system.
>> Hrm.  can you send me the config log?  I'll take a look -- likely
>> tomorrow, as I'm traveling
>> when I get off work today.
> Okay; as soon as I finish another buildworld cycle; I still think it's
> likely to be something screwed up on my system, given that lsof is a
> dependency for some widely-used ports.
>> Also, have you done a make clean for sysutils/lsof?
> Certainly. Even removed the whole sysutils subtree and re-checked it
> out. I don't actually *have* ZFS on this system, so I could hack around
> the problem easily enough, but I'd rather get to the bottom of it.
> Be well.
Ok.  If that doesn't jump out at me, can I get a login on your system to 
look around?

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