[FreeBSD-10] slrn doesn't choose the right charset since the upgrade.

David Marec david.marec at davenulle.org
Fri Feb 28 07:55:51 UTC 2014


I am using  slrn and vim to post messages on Usenet.
Vim is running with the UTF-8 encoding set.

To avoid posting messages in UTF-8 when it is not needed, the following 
rules is defined in the slrn resource file:

charset outgoing "us-ascii,iso-8859-1,iso-8859-15,utf-8"

This means that slrn  will 'try the settings from left to right and use 
the first for which encoding succeeds'.

But, since I upgraded my desktop to FreeBSD-10, slnr was installed from 
the Freebsd pkg  repository,
the first setting is always choosen and the message is released with 
lots of "?" in place of any UTF-8/Latin1 characters.

A clue: I know that slrn calls 'iconv' for encoding and that iconv has 
been moved into the base system.

Is this an iconv-from-the-base issue ?

-- david Marec

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