dns/bind99 and the migration from FreeBSD 9.x -> 10.x

David Wolfskill david at catwhisker.org
Thu Feb 27 23:27:45 UTC 2014

I am not at all clear how to perform a migration of machines that
run authoritative nameservers from FreeBSD 9.x -> 10.x, given the
current setup of the dns/bind99 port.  I'm hoping for some clues,
if not insight.

I have been building & running both stable/9 & stable/10 (on different
slices) for some time; I'm almost to the point of being ready to switch
to stable/10 on my "production" machines (which implies that I would
stop building & running stable/9, and that I would be rebuilding all
ports under stable/10).

I have done analogous migrations from 4.x -> 6.x; 6.x -> 7.x; 7.x ->
8.x, and 8.x -> 9.x; each has been successful (though some took longer
than others to get there).  (Updates prior tended to be re-installs from
scratch.  I rarely do that any more.)

The big concern I have in this case is that each of the machines in
question is running an authoritative nameserver.

In preparation for this, once BIND was removed from stable/10, I
had installed the dns/bind99 port on each of the machines (using
default options -- in particular, I did *not* select "REPLACE_BASE")
while running stable/9.  As a result, the port continued to use the
zone files from their locations from when BIND was part of base
FreeBSD: /var/named/etc/namedb; I merely changed /etc/rc.conf to


and on reboot, everything Just Worked.

Now, normally when I do one of these migrations, I migrate the OS, and
let the ports sit for a week or two (by installing the appropriate
misc/compat*x port).  Once things seem to be OK, I then use the process
documented at the end of portmaster(8) to rebuild all of the ports under
the new OS (and then resume my normal weekly update of OS & installed

Were I to use that migration approach in this instance, one of the
immediate issues is that there would be no startup script to start
named (as the port was built & installed under stable/9).  Unless, of
course, there's some approach I'm overlooking that would allow me to
"stage" or "prepare" the stable/9 environment to be (much) more similar
to the stable/10 environment...?

Is there an approach that is intended for this sort of thing?  Or an
approach that others have used successfully?

Thanks for suggestions; I'll be happy to summarize on-topic mail
received off-list.  (I'm subscribed to ports@, so no need to copy me on
list mail.)

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