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Am 25.02.2014 23:08, schrieb A.J. 'Fonz' van Werven:

> Indeed: disabling/avoiding staging doesn't fix the actual problem, but it
> does usually mitigate the symptom(s) and could in such cases be used as a
> temporary workaround for those who - for whatever reason - are disinclined
> to wait for the port to get fixed.

No, it is not a viable workaround.  Any nontrivial port that is
converted to staging will usually no longer work without.  You would
have to roll back the port to the SVN checkout from before the
conversion to staging, providing it was intact before.

Issues are Missing manual pages, missed post-install scripts, and more.

You may find an occasional port that works with some magic command line
flags added, but those are exceptions.

> I'd even go as far as to say that disabling staging can be used as a
> diagnostic tool: if a port that (supposedly) supports staging doesn't
> install properly, but does so with staging disabled, it's a pretty safe
> bet that the maintainer didn't get the staging bit entirely correct. Of
> course it would then be a good idea to notify said port maintainer (and
> submitting patches if at all possible), but in this particular case we
> didn't even get there.

That isn't a diagnostic tool, but a sure-fire recipe to extend the
confusion.  The reliable diagnostic means are pretty well known:

make clean
make DEVELOPER=yes check-orphans package


poudriere testport (with proper options according to jail/ports setup)

And using the online service for test builds. It's pretty
simple if you can use SVN and a web browser.

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