Problem with old package system

Kevin Oberman rkoberman at
Tue Feb 25 20:48:15 UTC 2014

I have a system that is still using the old pkg_ system that has had
indigestion since the docbook re-work. That operation went well as I didn't
try it until I had dealt with my 10.0 system running pkgng. Now, since the
docbook upgrade did not recommend the use of '-o' for any updates, I have
hundreds of missing dependencies on the various old docbook ports.

I figured that a quick run of "pkgdb -F" would fix it, but pkgdb found
nothing to fix. I then looked at the man page for pkgfb and it looks like
-L is now required to fix missing dependencies.

Is "pkgfb -L" the right command? Looks like it. Was any information that -F
no longer did this posted anywhere? I see an entry in updating that
recommends running "pkgdb -Ff" as recently as Feb-14, but no
recommendations anywhere to use the 'L' (fix-lost) option.
R. Kevin Oberman, Network Engineer, Retired
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