net/owncloud-csync,deskutils/mirall owncloudcmd segfault

Kristof Provost kristof at
Tue Feb 25 18:28:14 UTC 2014


I see a segfault when trying to sync a directory using the owncloudcmd
CLI client.
The command line is pretty straightforward:
owncloudcmd Documents ownclouds://<URL>/owncloud/remote.php/webdav/

The backtrace:
#0  0x0000000809f79da4 in SSL_CTX_set_client_cert_cb () from /usr/lib/
#1  0x000000080521eab8 in ne_ssl_context_create (mode=<value optimized out>) at ne_openssl.c:575
#2  0x000000080520f85e in ne_session_create (scheme=0x7fffffffccc2 "https", 
    hostname=0x80c470a60 "", port=<value optimized out>) at ne_session.c:176
#3  0x0000000800b6cd92 in dav_connect (
    base_url=0x80c46f480 "ownclouds://")
    at /var/ports/basejail/usr/ports/net/owncloud-csync/work/ocsync-0.91.4/src/csync_owncloud.c:509
#4  0x0000000800b6aa55 in owncloud_opendir (
    uri=0x80c46f480 "ownclouds://")
    at /var/ports/basejail/usr/ports/net/owncloud-csync/work/ocsync-0.91.4/src/csync_owncloud.c:982
#5  0x0000000800b687c8 in csync_vio_opendir (ctx=0x80c478500, 
    name=0x80c46f480 "ownclouds://")
    at /var/ports/basejail/usr/ports/net/owncloud-csync/work/ocsync-0.91.4/src/vio/csync_vio.c:370
#6  0x0000000800b5eb04 in csync_ftw (ctx=0x80c478500, 
    uri=0x80c46f480 "ownclouds://", 
    fn=0x800b5d980 <csync_walker>, depth=50)
    at /var/ports/basejail/usr/ports/net/owncloud-csync/work/ocsync-0.91.4/src/csync_update.c:449
#7  0x0000000800b5702b in csync_update (ctx=0x80c478500)
    at /var/ports/basejail/usr/ports/net/owncloud-csync/work/ocsync-0.91.4/src/csync.c:431
#8  0x00000008008a1ec3 in Mirall::CSyncThread::startSync (this=0x7fffffffd4e0)
    at /var/ports/basejail/usr/ports/deskutils/mirall/work/mirall-1.5.0/src/mirall/csyncthread.cpp:505
#9  0x00000000004044f5 in main (argc=3, argv=0x7fffffffd768)
    at /var/ports/basejail/usr/ports/deskutils/mirall/work/mirall-1.5.0/src/owncloudcmd/owncloudcmd.cpp:140

Looking into this, the crash occurs inside neon, specifically inside
ne_ssl_context_create(). It crashes because the call to
SSL_CTX_new(SSLv23_client_method()); returns NULL. OpenSSL gives me the
following error:

This means that we haven't called SSL_library_init(). Neon does this in
ne_ssl_init(), which itself is called by ne_sock_init(). The
ne_sock_init() call isn't done by owncloud-csync. The code is present in
the dav_connect() function (src/csync_owncloud.c) but it's surrounded by
'#if 0'.
Removing the '#if 0' fixes my crash.

I've noticed that there's a new version of deskutils/mirall (1.5.1) with
the following changelog entry:
"Imported the ocsync library into miralls repository."

So, now I'm not sure what the right fix is here. It's quite possible
that version 1.5.1 fixes the problem and it's almost certain that the
fix will be different.


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