lang/expect -- update coming

Kubilay Kocak koobs.freebsd at
Fri Feb 21 22:09:43 UTC 2014

On 22/02/2014 2:51 AM, Dewey Hylton wrote:
>> From: "Pietro Cerutti" <gahr at>
>> To: freebsd-ports at, freebsd-stable at, freebsd-current at
>> Cc: jmohacsi at, "Martin Wilke" <miwi at>, wrighrc at, freenx at, pdagog at,
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>> Sent: Friday, February 21, 2014 10:38:24 AM
>> Subject: Re: lang/expect -- update coming
>> On 2014-Feb-21, 15:38, Pietro Cerutti wrote:
>>> All,
>>> I'm planning to commit an update to bring lang/expect up to the
>>> latest
>>> 5.45 version. At the same time, I'm going to kill
>>> lang/expect-devel,
>>> which would otherwise be left lagging behind at 5.44.
>>> The following ports use either expect or -devel (maintainers CC'd).
>>> devel/pecl-expect
>>> net-mgmt/rancid
>>> net-mgmt/rancid-devel
>> Turns out my regexp-foo sucked this time.. Here's a more complete
>> list.
>> Thanks koobs@ for noticing.
>> devel/pecl-expect
>> misc/dejagnu
>> misc/sshbuddy
>> net/freenx
>> net-mgmt/netmagis-topo
>> et-mgmt/rancid
>> net-mgmt/rancid-devel
>> security/belier
> i'm no longer maintaining the freenx/nxserver ports. they are so outdated at this point they should probably be killed off as well, but i have no idea who might still be using them.

While the MAINTAINER line references your email, you do, even if not for
version updates.

As maintainer, you have a couple of PR options up your sleeve:

- Reset maintainer, so someone else can pick them up
- Set EXPIRE with reason and an appropriate lead time to removal

The above can also serve to communicate to
users-come-would-be-maintainers that they might need attention and
provide the impetus to jump in and have a go :)


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