FreeBSD Port: strongswan-5.1.1_1

Dewayne Geraghty dewayne.geraghty at
Wed Feb 19 21:57:55 UTC 2014

On 19/02/2014 2:31 AM, Clemens Schrimpe wrote:
> On 18.02.2014, at 16:12, Francois ten Krooden <ftk at> wrote:
>> I will have a look on my test setup with FreeBSD to see if I can get the same error.
> Thank you. Watch for messages re: PF_ROUTE failed, like these:
> 21[KNL] adding PF_ROUTE route failed: Invalid argument
> 21[KNL] installing route failed: via (null) src %any dev vtnet1
>> As far as I know there wasn’t any changes that would cause this issue.
> My suspicion is, that the PF_ROUTE interfaces vary between Linux, OpenBSD and FreeBSD - and nobody really "ported" the code. Again: This is just a rough suspicion - I need to familiarize myself with the respective interfaces within Linux / OpenBSD.
>>  Just a question, did you recompile the standard FreeBSD kernel to include the support for IPsec, since the default kernel does not include the IPsec support.
> Of course. And Raccoon works fine - it just sucks in so many other ways, that I'd rather use Strongswan :-)
> Thanks -
> 	Clemens

I only use FreeBSD 9.2Stable and Strongswan 5.1.1 performs nicely. 
After setting knl=4 in charon debug, I received this:

# grep -i route /var/log/auth.log |tail -n1
Feb 20 06:17:24 admin2 charon: 11[KNL] installing route:
via src dev vga1

which seems to be what you're after.  So the issue doesn't appear to
reside with strongswan?

FYI: Downloaded and build on: FreeBSD 9.2-STABLE #0: Sun Jan 19 19:07:34
EST 2014  

There are two tricks with using enc0 - firstly it must be enabled
(ifconfig enc0 up) and there are some tricks to getting it to reveal
exactly what you're after, the "man 4 enc" is quite helpful.
Regards, Dewayne.

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