INDEX build failed for 8.x

Ports Index build indexbuild at
Wed Feb 19 03:24:36 UTC 2014

INDEX build failed with errors:
Generating INDEX-8 - please wait.. Done.
make_index: /home/indexbuild/tindex/ports/security/silktools: no entry for /home/indexbuild/tindex/ports/archivers/lzo3

Committers on the hook:
 lx marino miwi 

Most recent SVN update was:
Updating '.':
U    Mk/
U    www/drupal6-menu_block/Makefile
U    www/drupal6/Makefile
U    www/drupal7/Makefile
U    dns/ironsides/Makefile
U    x11-wm/fluxbox/pkg-plist
U    x11-wm/fluxbox/Makefile
U    security/silktools/distinfo
U    security/silktools/pkg-plist
U    security/silktools/Makefile
U    devel/libspark2012/pkg-plist
U    devel/libspark2012/Makefile
A    devel/libspark2012/files
A    devel/libspark2012/files/patch-spark2012.gpr
A    devel/libspark2012/files/patch-Makefile
U    net/libfixbuf/pkg-plist
U    net/libfixbuf/Makefile
U    net/libfixbuf/distinfo
Updated to revision 344987.

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