Ports revision bump?

Jos Chrispijn ports at webrz.net
Tue Feb 18 18:53:45 UTC 2014

   Dear group,
   Just ran into a ports issue for Docbook 4.x.x
   Can you tell me how to solve this?
   --- cut ---
   ===>  Found saved configuration for docbook420-4.2_1
   ===> Fetching all distfiles required by docbook420-4.2_1 for building
   ===>  Extracting for docbook420-4.2_1
   => SHA256 Checksum OK for docbook-4.2.zip.
   ===>  Patching for docbook420-4.2_1
   ===>  Configuring for docbook420-4.2_1
   ===>  Staging for docbook420-4.2_1
   ===>   Generating temporary packing list
   cd /usr/ports/textproc/docbook-420/work/docbook-4.2 && /bin/sh -c
   '(/usr/bin/find -d $0 $2 | /usr/bin/cpio -dumpl $1 >/dev/null  2>&1)
   &&  /usr/sbin/chown -Rh root:wheel $1 &&  /usr/bin/find -d $0 $2 -type
   d -exec chmod 755 $1/{} \; &&  /usr/bin/find -d $0 $2 -type f -exec
   chmod 444 $1/{} \;' -- .
   install  -o root -g wheel -m 444
   ====> Compressing man pages (compress-man)
   ===>  Building package for docbook420-4.2_1
   Creating package
   Registering depends: iso8879-1986_3 xmlcatmgr-2.2.
   pkg_create: read_plist: unknown command '@dirrmtry share/sgml/docbook'
   (package tools out of date?)
   pkg_create: read_plist: unknown command '@dirrmtry share/doc/docbook'
   (package tools out of date?)
   pkg_create: write_plist: unknown command type -1 (share/sgml/docbook)
   *** [do-package] Error code 1
   Stop in /usr/ports/textproc/docbook-420.
   *** [install] Error code 1
   Stop in /usr/ports/textproc/docbook-420.
   ===>>> Installation of docbook420-4.2_1 (textproc/docbook-420) failed
   ===>>> Aborting update
   ===>>> Update for textproc/docbook-420 failed
   ===>>> Aborting update
   ===>>> Killing background jobs
   ===>>> You can restart from the point of failure with this command
          portmaster <flags> textproc/docbook-420 textproc/docbook-430
   textproc/docbook-440 textproc/docbook-450 textproc/docbook-sk
   textproc/docbook-xml textproc/docbook-xml-430 textproc/docbook-xml-440
   textproc/docbook-xml-450 textproc/docbook-500
   --- cut ---
   Thanks in advance,

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