Matthew Seaman matthew at FreeBSD.org
Tue Feb 18 07:22:20 UTC 2014

On 18/02/2014 02:34, Randy Pratt wrote:
> I have been attempting to get portmaster to use my local repository
> but get a message "Package installation support cannot be used with
> pkgng yet, it will be disabled".

This is a known limitation of the portmaster / pkg combination.  Patches
welcome -- however, there is a significant hurdle in that portmaster
would have to rebuild its repository each time it added a package to it,
and that would make things horribly slow.

Most people find that the pkg+poudriere combination is sufficient on its
own, without needing to add portmaster to the mix.  If you need to add a
new package, add it to the list of packages for your poudriere instance
to build and then run a poudriere bulk to add it and any dependencies to
your repo.  You can then 'pkg install' it in the usual way.



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