Upgrading a Port on 8.2

Doug Hardie bc979 at lafn.org
Tue Feb 18 05:30:54 UTC 2014

I have an older, but basically clean, install of 8.2 on a production system.  It has a few ports that were installed back when 8.2 was new.  However, I need to add pdftk.  Pkg_add did that nicely.  HOwever, it added version 1.44.  The history for pdftk shows that a major problem was fixed in 1.45 and I am encountering that problem and need to upgrade.  Portupgrade pdftk does nothing.  It seems to decide that the latest version is 1.44.  However, on a 9.2 system, I get a much higher version number.  Is there any way to determine if 1.44 is the latest version that will run with 8.2 or is there another way I need to upgrade to ports files?  Its my understanding that cvsup is no longer with us.

-- Doug

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