Randy Pratt bsd-unix at embarqmail.com
Tue Feb 18 02:34:49 UTC 2014

I have poudriere functional with a set of ports which can be installed
using pkg commands via a local webserver.  That part all seems to be
functional.  All ports are up-to-date as of 2/16.

I have been attempting to get portmaster to use my local repository
but get a message "Package installation support cannot be used with
pkgng yet, it will be disabled".

I've tried setting PACKAGESITE in portmaster but it pollutes the
environment of pkg commands used by portmaster and generates the
message "pkg: PACKAGESITE in pkg.conf is deprecated. Please create a
repository configuration file". I do have a repository configuration
file and it does work with pkg.

I've read man pages, handbook, wikis, forums, mailing list archives
and googled but cannot seem to get portmaster to work with my repo.
The man pages are good but the rest of the online documents and
references seem to be outdated.

I'd appreciate any pointers to get portmaster playing nicely with my
local repository so I could use a command like "portmaster -P -a"
after doing any UPDATING chores.

Thanks for any input,


PS - It would be nice to find an audio file on how to pronounce
     poudriere ;-)  I don't remember much from French I studied
     50 years ago.

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