ports-mgmt/pkg pkg-repo(8) does not catalogue latest package

John Marshall john.marshall at riverwillow.com.au
Mon Feb 17 03:24:37 UTC 2014

Creating a repository catalogue with "pkg repo ${repo_root}" includes
only the OLDEST version of any package found in a directory below the
repository root.  Perhaps I'm just not driving it properly?

When I build ports with portmaster, I pass the -g option so that
portmaster saves a (pkgng flavour) package of the port in
${repo_root}/All.  After a ports tree upgrade, building the upgraded
ports and saving their packages in ${repo_root}/All, both the old and
new versions of the upgraded port's packages are present in that
directory.  If I go to ${repo_root}, delete any existing repository
catalogue, and create a fresh one using "pkg repo ${repo_root}",
querying the fresh catalogue shows that only the older version of the
package has been included in the catalogue.

pkg-repo(8) states:

     Symbolic links are ignored, and only the most recent package for
     each origin is included in the catalogue.

The only way to get this to "work" seems to be deleting all but the
latest version of the package prior to creating the catalogue.

I have filed a PR (ports/186827)

John Marshall
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