graphics/libjpeg-turbo in place of graphics/jpeg

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Thu Feb 13 07:03:41 UTC 2014

On 13/02/2014 06:40, Peter Jeremy wrote:
> On 2014-Feb-11 03:27:46 -0800, Jakub Lach <jakub_lach at> wrote:
>> Currently, I reckon that libjpeg-turbo is a drop in replacement
>> for graphics/jpeg. Unfortunately, most ports have a direct 
>> dependency on graphics/jpeg and will complain if it is missing[1]. 
>> Is there any way to achieve that and keep pkng happy?
> At least for source builds, you can just install libjpeg-turbo and then
> later builds will see that is present and not attempt to
> build graphics/jpeg.  I haven't tried doing this using binary packages.

At the moment, pkgng packages have dependencies recorded on specific
other packages 'baked in'.  So you only get to choose between libjpeg
and libjpeg-turbo at compile-time, not at package installation time.

We already have internal tracking of what shared libraries are required
or provided by packages.  Eventually with the new solver coming in 1.3.x
this should allow alternate providers for particular shared libraries --
but this is still in a relatively early stage of development and there's
lots of debugging yet to do before it's ready for general use.



Dr Matthew J Seaman MA, D.Phil.

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