should USES=kmod remove directories?

René Ladan rene at
Tue Feb 11 09:15:53 UTC 2014


currently when you add USES=kmod to your (staged!) port it adds "rmdir
-p ${KMODDIR}" to the final pkg-plist (exccept when KMODDDIR is
/boot/kernel).  This was originally intended to simplify ports using
kmod.  However, for print/acroreadwrapper it causes errors on
de-installation [1] because it wants to remove ${PREFIX}/libexec

So what is best to do in this case?
- add ${PREFIX}/libexec as an exception, just like /boot/kernel
- do not remove KMODDIR at all and leave it up to the ports themselves
(this requires updating all kmod ports)
- something else



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