Linux and Mac audio and video

Joe Nosay superbisquit at
Tue Feb 11 01:13:11 UTC 2014

For the audio device, video capture, and video render what values within
the header files were called upon? If the patterns can be given to me, then
I could grep for a match within the system. Pulse audio and alsa exist for
FreeBSD albeit only on CISC i386 & AMD64/X86_64 and not the other
architectures. I'd rather that the build be available on all architectures
and refer to the system sound and not a layer.
Chromium@:: I don't have WebRTC as part of firefox or Chromium and I am
wondering, are there any gyp files or similar that are created or is there
a repository from which they come? What is the name of the file- and I may remember after sending
this email- that states the values such as OS and such?
For the gclient value, does it use an exact pattern matching to determine
the OS and can the pattern be set no to include any trailing value such as

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