graphics/rawtherapee: r342622 crashes on HEAD

Matthias Andree mandree at
Mon Feb 10 16:58:26 UTC 2014

Am 10.02.2014 03:40, schrieb Erich Dollansky:
> Hi,
> On Sun, 9 Feb 2014 07:07:00 -0800
> "Waitman Gobble" <uzimac at> wrote:
>> USES=gettext gmake iconv:wchar_t pathfix pkgconfig shebangfix perl5
> as you might have expected, this also fixes rawtherapee on 10.0.

Interesting™, thanks for the feedback.

Meaning: why does it /not/ crash for me on 10.0?  Who made glib use
libiconv-from-ports (I believe I used default options for all ports on
10.0, and most are actually binaries installed with pkg), or did glib20
automatically pick up libiconv or or or... Will have to investigate tonight.

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