Squid aufs crashes under 10.0

Pavel Timofeev timp87 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 07:15:46 UTC 2014

So what should I do?
Write a PR to squid's bugzilla with link to this thread?
Fill FreeBSD ports' PR? (it seems like maintainer of squid doesn't
look at PRs about squid).
And it seems like this problem is retaled to all of squid ports, not
only to www/squid33.

2014-02-09 23:56 GMT+04:00 Dimitry Andric <dim at freebsd.org>:
> On 09 Feb 2014, at 20:16, Dennis Glatting <freebsd at pki2.com> wrote:
>> On Sun, 2014-02-09 at 19:37 +0100, Dimitry Andric wrote:
> ...
>>> Very bad coding practice, obviously.  It should call Find() first, and
>>> if that returns NULL, it should abort in some sort of controlled way.
>> Found that too but not the reason why:
>> (lldb) run -d -z -F -f /root/squid.conf
>> Process 23598 launched: './src/squid' (x86_64)
>> Find(): Mmapped
>> Find(): IpcIo
>> Find(): DiskDaemon
>> Find(): Blocking
>> Find(): AIO
>> Returning NULL
>> There's a lot of faulty (i.e., a lack thereof) checking in Squid. For
>> example, I replaced strlen() with a custom version that first checks for
>> NULL and returns 0 if that is the case (strlen() was often called by
>> std::cstring::c_str() that was not yet initialized). That small code
>> fragment resolved a lot of SEGVs.
> There are a bunch of places where they use std::ostream::operator<< to
> output e.g. configuration strings to the debug stream, for example in
> uniqueHostname(), in src/tools.cc:
> const char *
> uniqueHostname(void)
> {
>     debugs(21, 3, HERE << " Config: '" << Config.uniqueHostname << "'");
>     return Config.uniqueHostname ? Config.uniqueHostname : getMyHostname();
> }
> The problem case is when Config.uniqueHostname is NULL: this gets
> converted into a std::string first (which is _undefined behavior_), then
> it gets streamed to the debug stream.
> However, there is a difference between libstdc++ and libc++ here: the
> former silently accepts NULL arguments passed to the std::string
> constructor, creating a sort of "empty" string for you, which seems to
> work as normal.  The latter just stores your NULL pointer, and if you
> actually try to do anything with it, the program will crash.
> To fix at least two places where this is done, drop the attached patches
> in www/squid33/files.
> -Dimitry

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