graphics/rawtherapee: r342622 crashes on HEAD

Matthias Andree mandree at
Mon Feb 10 01:06:00 UTC 2014

Am 09.02.2014 23:38, schrieb Baptiste Daroussin:

>> "Conversion from character set 'UTF-8' to 'WCHAR_T' is not supported"
> I don't know if glib or glibmm should gain USES=libiconv:wchar_t but that should
> fix it.

Thanks to Waitman for debugging this - very useful work indeed.

Now since that USES= on glib20 fixes the unhandled exceptions on FreeBSD
11, how do we solve this?  Are we making glib20 use the ports iconv by
means of USES=libiconv:wchar_t, or is there a way that I can check from
the Rawtherapee Makefile, so that I can mark Rawtherapee BROKEN or
IGNORE in case glib20 was built without wchar_t support?

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