FreeBSD ports which are currently scheduled for deletion

linimon at linimon at
Fri Feb 7 08:28:16 UTC 2014

As part of an ongoing effort to reduce the number of problems in
the FreeBSD ports system, we periodically schedule removal of ports
that have been judged to have outlived their usefulness.  Often,
this is due to a better alternative having become available and/or
the cessation of development on the existing port.  In some cases,
ports are marked for removal because they fail to build and install
correctly from their sources, or otherwise fail in operation.

The ports, and the reason and date that they have been scheduled
for removal, are listed below.  If no one has stepped forward before
that time to propose a way to fix the problems (such as via a PR),
the ports will be deleted.

portname:           dns/maradns
description:        DNS server with focus on security and simplicity
maintainer:         mat at
deprecated because: MaraDNS 1 end-of-life: June 21, 2015
expiration date:    2015-06-21
build errors:       none.

portname:           graphics/luxrender
description:        Physically based and unbiased rendering system
maintainer:         danfe at
status:             BROKEN
deprecated because: Broken for more than 6 month
expiration date:    2013-11-18
build errors:       none.

portname:           lang/php52
description:        PHP Scripting Language
maintainer:         admin at
deprecated because: PHP 5.2 series is strongly discouraged for new 
                    installations, migrate now
expiration date:    2014-03-01
build errors:       none.

portname:           net/asterisk10
description:        An Open Source PBX and telephony toolkit
maintainer:         flo at
deprecated because: asterisk 10 reached EOL on 2013-12-15
expiration date:    2014-02-28
build errors:       none.

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